Monday, July 20, 2009

Some of my favorites

One of my favorite pieces was Kenya. She was inspired by the art of LeRoy Neiman. I am lucky enough to have a Neiman serigraph and I never get tired of looking at it.

I wanted to capture the wildness of his animal paintings and still have the feel of softness. I named this piece Kenya after the Kenya Leopard. She is very feline! Did I mention I love color?

Here is the inspiration piece.
"Kenya Leopard", by LeRoy Neiman

The"Lust Imps" are also among my favorites. It's difficult to pick just one because they all have a a unique quality. They represent those emotions and desires that make us do things we wouldn't ordinarily do. They are impulses in 3D.

Lust Imp, Heart's Desire - 2008

Why is it, girls want to get married on Valentine's Day? If it goes bad, you always have the crap to remember....every year! Anyone getting married on that day is asking for it!


  1. Hi Judy! Welcome to blog land! Once you get the hang of it I think you'll love it. It can be really inspiring. There are so many wonderful artists to visit and meet. Everyone I've come across has been so nice.

    I'm glad more people will be able to see your beautiful work. You already know I love these two pieces! Can't wait to see more :)

    Too funny, My sister has been joking about throwing me a "surprise" wedding, on Valentines day ha ha ha :)

    BIG hugs,

  2. Thanks Sprite. I'm still getting used to this and have been checking out others...some whom I know and several I'd like to know better.