Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's foggy here

This has been the wackiest weather, but some might say it's a typical San Francisco summer. Last week we got into the upper 80's. Today, it's cold, foggy and very wet. Not the wet from rain, but wet from all the fog. I can't see the mountain which separates me from the coast. Weather like this tends to bring me down. Hopefully, it will clear up in a couple of hours.

Yesterday afternoon, I glanced out the back door and saw a falcon sitting on top of my fence. Next to the falcon was a squirrel! Both were staring at each other. Well, I have no idea what the squirrel was thinking, but I think I know what the falcon was thinking...yum!

Some of my friends already know that the squirrels come to my house to snack. Hubby buys walnuts, cashews, peanuts and hazelnuts and makes his very own blend of squirrel food. This has caused other critters to stop by for a snack...crows, hawks, falcons, owls, racoons and others.


  1. It's been like that here too yesterday was soo dark, dreary and rainy. Ah! and you didnt run in to grab the camera?! Was the squirell afraid to move? I would have been ha ha :)


  2. Hi Judy, Thanks for visiting my blog! I am new to the blogging world and do not know yet what I am doing! I do not know where to post! I love your sculptures and I can totally relate to your sandblasting business! I want to sculpt more now I enjoy it more! I will be ordering some clay form you soon! Hugs Cat