Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's been a while since posting and a lot has been happening.  I still haven't taken the Christmas tree down!!!
I actually like seeing the lights on  in the evening...I may leave it up all year! hahahahaha

I've met some very nice people through the store recently who are egg artists.  This is an amazing art form.
I am amazed at the tiny details these artists craft into their eggs. 

I haven't sculpted much (what's new), but I have done a fair amount of polymer clay repairs for a lady.  Mostly finger replacements on pieces that were damaged when the curio shelf came down (pancaked).

I did make some tiny Miniquin heads when I joined Jean's Elegant Headpiece class.  I'm having a pretty good time making these little couture heads.  The crowns are so much fun!  Everyone who ever wanted to know how to make these for their sculptures, should sign up for Jean's class.  It's so worth it.

I also did some new wings.  I was looking through my older files and while looking at the dragonfly wings and extreme luna wings I did for Sherry Goshon's class, I was inspired to combine the two styles into one.  They have an edgy look to me, but still graceful.  While they are decorated with glitter, the shiny areas are the reflection of the texturing effect and not the glitter.  I'm working on another lavender pair. 
Click the image to enlarge.

Dragon Lady Wings

I last sculpted an Imp for our group's Halloween Challenge.  She a Lust Imp Vamp. 

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