Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stormy Weather

This storm that came in last night is really something. The winds are howling and the trees are bending. It's been raining hard since 4:00 am. My lights have flickered several times, but so far, no power outages. I'm lucky I'm not in a flood zone, but I do feel for those who are down the hill on the flatter parts of town. I know the water drains overflow causing flooding along the roads and highways.

This is all supposed to be gone by tomorrow and I'm very worried about my baby squirrels. The poor little things just started to come down to get some nuts about two weeks ago. They are very tiny. I've never seen the mom squirrel with them, but they have been hanging out in my yard for hours. They can't sit up for too long because their legs are just still to wobbly.

I just took a crude video of the trees and the driving rain from my back yard. The wind gusts have gotten up to 60mph. Those Eucalyptus trees are 70 feet tall! Turn down your volume.


  1. Your got hit much harder than we did - I hope the little squirrels made it through OK.