Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I just put in my application to California to officially change the name of my supply business. The decision was difficult, but a couple of people had commented that their hubbies thought they had gotten some exotic things in the mail...(disappointed to find sculpting supplies). Some others had misspelled the website in their links (mywyckedways) by spelling it correctly as "wicked" and you can imagine where that took them! If all goes smoothly, the supply website will officially be OOAK Artist Emporium!

The other news is, I have added Tussah Silk and Mulberry Silk roving to my growing line of art supplies. Not many people know that these fibers are wonderful in use as hair for their tiny fairies. It's soft and shiny and very fine which adds a more proportionate look to fairy hair. It's all natural and takes dyes beautifully. It's also a straight fiber. I don't know much about needle felting, but I would think this would also be perfect in that venue.

I dropped out of facebook. A couple of people had some hacker issues...one while playing one of the games (farmtown) and the other just logging in...no games. Their computers were taken over and both had to get their computers cleaned out. So for me, it's not worth the risk.

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